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Partnering on Digital Transformation

Together with IT Services and the Project Management Office (PMO), advance the mission of the university through technology. 

Ideas for projects and technology enhancements flow through the IT Project Intake process on a rolling basis. Departments submit ideas and then begin to collaborate with members of the IT Services team to review business needs, and start scoping out what success looks like and what it would take to get there. Propose an idea anytime to initiate the intake process.  

Capital projects that require funding and approval through the IT Governance framework flow through the annual capital projects planning process. This ensures that all strategic IT projects align with the university’s long-range plan and that the university continues to appropriately advance the use of technology to meet its mission, vision, and goals. Learn about IT capital projects at

Have an Idea for an IT Project? 

Northeastern community members can propose ideas for IT projects. 

IT Project Intake Process  

Prepare and Submit 

Department discusses a business need and idea internally, begins socializing funding sources, and submits a request for an Idea. 

Initial Screening 

A member of the ITS PMO engages with the project proposer to start building out the idea further and aligning it with university strategy. If the department has previously engaged with ITS about the request, the initial screening is typically conducted during the preparation and submission stage.  

Screen and Recommend 

A team of IT reviewers assesses the project idea, and provides recommendations along with, if appropriate, an initial estimate of the scope and funding needs. 

Communicate and Collaborate 

The demand manager communicates the recommendations to the project proposer and continues to serve as point of contact for questions and feedback. 

Qualify and Kick-off 

If the proposal qualifies for an IT project, and once the necessary resources and funding are in place, a project can kick off.  

Project Screening 

Before a project even kicks off, it starts as an idea that gets reviewed as part of the IT project intake process. The IT Services Project Management Office (PMO) engages with the project proposer, providing support and consultation services throughout while collecting additional information about the business requirements. Examples of questions to expect as part of project screening include: 

  • Is there a desired go-live date or deadline?  
  • Are there other departments or stakeholders that might be impacted by this project or should be informed about it?  
  • Is this project being driven by a regulatory or compliance finding? 
  • Why are we doing this?  
  • What are the risks of performing this work? What are the risks of not performing it? 
  • Are there any known barriers? 
  • What is known to be in or out of scope of the project? 
  • What data is needed or can be leveraged? 
  • Have there been any preliminary financial discussions with your leadership, or has any funding already been approved?  

View the comparison chart below to understand the customer demand journey.