Transforming Teaching, Research, and Learning

Northeastern is changing how university communities learn, work, and collaborate.

Building the Global Digital University

The campus community of tomorrow is spread across locations and time zones —yet more connected than ever. Northeastern ITS advances this vision with a portfolio of solutions and services that includes high-performance computing, innovative teaching and learning solutions, and secure, digital experiences, just to name a few. With each offering, ITS seeks to solve challenges and exceed expectations. 

Powering Collaboration and Productivity 

People are more effective and successful when they’re equipped with the right tools and knowledge. Streamlined communication and collaboration improve outcomes across the entire university community. 

Featured services

Microsoft Teams

The Digital University consists of powerful networks and vital tools that spur discovery. Microsoft Teams combines chat, file sharing, meetings, communication, and real-time project management in one platform. This allows groups to more easily collaborate to achieve goals both small and large. 

Office 365

Applications such as Excel, Word, and PowerPoint are essential tools for workplace productivity in the workforce. Leveraging the cloud-based Office 365 suite—which also includes Microsoft Teams, Excel Online, Power BI, and more—the Northeastern community manages and executes projects with agility. 

Digital Solutions

A safe and inclusive digital university presence delivers accessible and secure online experiences that are uniquely Northeastern. As a result, the university community is empowered to reach its full potential in a learner-driven environment. 


Facilitating Speed to Science through Technology

Innovation is best accomplished in a barrier-free research environment, where collaboration exists freely between disciplines, academia, and industry. ITS partnerships unite researchers through high-performance computing, one-on-one consultation support, and data management solutions that bring new knowledge to researchers everywhere.

Featured services

Northeastern’s Discovery Cluster

Cutting edge computational resources and storage systems are available to all Northeastern researchers. The university’s Discovery high-performance computing (HPC) cluster is located at the state-of-the-art Massachusetts Green High-Performance Computing Center (MGHPCC).   

Research Data Management

Each discovery at Northeastern generates a new wealth of data. Data storage solutions, data repositories, data transfer, and sharing tools fulfill researchers’ data management needs, allowing the easy sharing of research data with the global scientific community. With the Secure Data Enclave, researchers can also store and process sensitive data. 

Consultation Support

All Northeastern students, faculty, and staff members have access to personalized consultation support from a dedicated team of staff and Ph.D. scientists. A suite of training sessions help members get started on the Discovery Cluster and strengthen their knowledge of the various available resources and services. 

Research Technologies

Northeastern’s Research Technologies (RT) team is a specialized, cross-functional support group dedicated to assisting both research groups and Dedicated, specialized, and cross-functional support provides guidance on hardware, software, workflows, and secure data solutions. Through the available support, both research groups and research services can better leverage the available technologies and resources to enhance research capabilities. 

Teaching and Learning

Students and faculty need a digital teaching and learning environment that keeps up with the pace of the modern classroom. At Northeastern, instructors are empowered to select from a menu of tools that support their pedagogical goals, while learners can access a rich variety of learning experiences—from personalized classroom solutions to a cutting-edge learning management system to customized support options.

Featured services

Classroom Technology

Northeastern’s classroom technology provides flexibility for instructors to engage students in the classroom and across the world. With support in online content, flipped classroom techniques, digital media, and more, instructors can tailor their classroom around their desired learning experiences and outcomes. 


Canvas is the digital home base for all Northeastern courses and keeps all learning in one place. Instructors and learners can access Canvas anytime, from anywhere, on any device–staying connected to courses on-the-go through mobile apps and more. Faculty can customize courses by leveraging tools like Panopto, Teams meeting, Gradescope, and more, all from within Canvas. 

Consultation and Training

Meet with the Academic Technologies team to get help on topics like getting started with Canvas and integrated tools, enhancing and transforming the digital environment, and using technology to create meaningful and engaging learning experiences ensuring an engaging learning environment, customizing the online environment, and engaging students across environments.

Information Security

Students, faculty, and staff rely on systems that protect their data and online experiences. Every day, Northeastern generates data for educational and professional use and ensures that invaluable information remains uncompromised.

Featured services

Security Consultation and Training

Ongoing insight and education into security best practices gives community members a safe online experience. Book a security consult to proactively address security risks, prevent new ones, and receive resources to stay up-to-date on security best practices. 

Identity and Access Management

To truly innovate, university stakeholders must be connected with the right resources at the right times. Authorized permissions ensure the proper technology is leveraged while keeping applications, systems, and information accessible to innovators who benefit from them the most.

Risk and Compliance

Individuals with .edu email accounts are at high risk for having their credentials stolen by threat actors of all kinds, from hacktivists to cyberterrorists. Cyberattacks outside of higher education are also rampant, harming an organization’s reputation, revenue, and ability to remain in business. Stay informed to keep your online experience safe—on and off campus.