Planning for Northeastern’s Retirement of Blackboard

Feb 16, 2021

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By now you’re probably a pro at using Canvas, Northeastern’s new learning management system. You may even barely remember the days of frequently logging onto the previous LMS platform, Blackboard, to access your courses, manage assignments, and engage in discussions.

But, if you’re still logging into Blackboard to access old course content, or if you suspect there is content or data you should save for the future, take note: Northeastern is retiring Blackboard on June 30, 2021 and users will no longer be able to log in after that date.

Fear not, though, because you will still have access to almost everything, even after this date. Below are the key things to expect.


What Will Change

Northeastern’s Blackboard learning management system will retire on June 30, 2021. Until that date, users can still log in at to view and download content and data from past courses. After June 30, neither faculty nor students nor staff will have access to materials and student submissions directly on Blackboard. This includes staff from the Academic Technologies team.


How ITS Can Help

Faculty and students are encouraged to log in to prior to June 30, 2021, to review their courses on Blackboard and download any content, assignments, submissions, or other information they would like. Students who would like to regain access to content in a course in Blackboard that has been made unavailable to them should contact their instructors.


Instructors: Access to Prior Course Records

Though Blackboard will no longer be accessible, instructors will be able to request course records  on an ongoing basis.

Review what is included and request a Blackboard Course Record >> 

Instructors: Request a Content Migration to Canvas

Faculty can request automation-assisted migration before March 15, 2021. This process moves content from Blackboard into Canvas and arranges content, quizzes, and assignments into modules in an organized manner, cleaning up many extraneous artifacts of the Blackboard format.

Request Automation-assisted Migration >>

Instructors who would like to self-migrate content into Canvas may request a Blackboard Content Import Package  at any time before or after Blackboard’s retirement. This package may be imported to Canvas and that contains content, quizzes and assignments.

Review what’s included and Request a Content Import Package >>


Students: Request a Student Submission Package

Students can request a student submission package at any time before or after Blackboard’s retirement. This package contains assignment submissions submitted to native Blackboard tools. Note that assignments submitted to third-party integrations (like TurnItIn) will not be available after Blackboard retirement.

Review what’s included and Request a Blackboard Student Submissions Package >>

If you would like more detailed information about Northeastern’s retirement of Blackboard, please read this article or contact the Academic Technologies Team.

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