It’s easier than ever to find information about technology, request tech services, report IT issues, and manage loaned devices at Northeastern. Beginning in late July 2021, Northeastern’s Services Now Mobile app will expand beyond the Wellness resources today to include technology services. The Now Mobile app will complement the Tech Service Portal with an easy and mobile-friendly way to access the services and support the Northeastern community’s needs.

Support On the Go:

Now Mobile app users will enjoy the convenience of additional services and features, particularly those found today on the Tech Service Portal. This includes the ability to:

  • browse helpful knowledge articles and FAQs
  • report issues to the IT Service Desk
  • make requests through the technology service catalog
  • review approvals, and
  • manage loaned devices and returns

The university launched the Now Mobile app in winter 2021 as a convenient and mobile way to access Northeastern’s COVID-19 and wellness resources, including the Daily Wellness Check, COVID-19 testing, and COVID-19 test results. Over time, the Now Mobile app will continue to expand with new features and other key university services and support.

Where to Find the Now Mobile App

The Now Mobile App is free and can be found in the Apple App Store or the Google Play Store for Android users. Open the app on your device, enter Northeastern as the instance, and log in using your Northeastern username and password. The new features and IT resources will be available in the app beginning July 23, 2021, in addition to the Daily Wellness Check and the other wellness-related resources.

Need Help or Have Questions?

For any of your Northeastern technology needs, the university’s IT Service Desk is available for support 24/7 by email at or through the Tech Services Portal.