The Student Hub hosts many resources and tools that can help Northeastern students easily navigate and keep track of their busy academic and active daily lives. 

Below, learn some of the many ways the Hub supports studentsin their journey. 

My Home Page: Organize the Day 

The main page of the Hub provides information specific to each student’s day. For example, the My Day section previews class, Canvas, and Outlook calendars to help plan time to study or connect with colleagues and friends.  

Want to view more information about a course you are interested in? Select Classes to see all currently enrolled in courses as well as course details.  

Looking for guidance as you progress through your academic path? Select Advisors to find an academic advisor for support. 

Further down the page, My Applications can be customized to keep the most frequently-used applications handy. My Documents and My Email make finding and working with documents and messages simple. And the To-Do List helps maximize valuable academic time.  

The Hub is the one-stop-shop for students to stay on top of daily, weekly, and semesterly activities.  

Discover Classmates: Find people with similar academic journeys 

From the Hub menu, select the Discover tab to find and connect with classmates. In the search window where it says “Search for names and places”, type in a peer’s name to locate personal profile information and to ask questions about a shared class, study group, or life on campus. View Northeastern peer’s profiles to learn more about them, their interests, and how to support each other’s Northeastern journey. 

One-Stop Resources: Find resources and links for academics, classes, and registration

Also from the Hub menu, select the Resources tab to find information about grades, courses, schedules, and other tools needed for academic success while at Northeastern. View by category, including Academics, Classes and Registration, Careers and Employment, Experiential Learning, and lots more. Or, simply find where to eat on campus.  

For more information on what the Hub has to offer to help students thrive at Northeastern, visit