Phone screen with assorted apps like Teams and Gmail

Northeastern University prioritizes your safety and is working diligently to meet e-911 regulations set by the Federal Communications Commission.

E-911, or “Enhanced 911,” is a computerized system that helps emergency personnel locate callers who use VoIP calling systems like Teams. When users with a Teams calling license dial 911 from their account, e-911 will connect them to their local emergency services and potentially to a secondary contact, such as Northeastern’s Police Department for those users on the Boston campus.

Confirming your license and updating your location

To check if you have a Teams calling license, open Teams and click on the “Calls” button within the tool tray. If there is a dial pad with a phone number listed below it you have a calling license. After confirming you have a calling license it is important to make sure that you can receive help in case of an emergency, update your location and learn how to make an emergency call within Teams. If you do not update your location, a default location will be used, which may cause a delay in emergency services reaching you. 

If you need help changing your location or have questions about e-911, please contact IT Services at or 617.373.HELP [4357].