A self-serve online library of information about technology services, products, and topics relevant to the Northeastern community, IT Services’ tech knowledge base helps students, faculty, and staff across the university’s global campus system find answers to their technology questions. 

From how to enroll in Duo two-factor authentication to how to acquire and troubleshoot Northeastern-licensed software, knowledge articles provide instructions for most everything tech-related at Northeastern. 

The five most-visited knowledge base articles in 2022 reveal a bit about the university community’s ongoing tech needs.  

No. 1

Where are printers located on the Northeastern campus?

Need to print a report or other item for coworkers or fellow students? This knowledge article lists all available printers on campus, as well as details about paper sizes and color printing availability at each printer location. The article also lists locations of machines for copying and scanning. 

No. 2

How do I manually update my address book in Outlook on Windows?

Because the Northeastern community relies on Microsoft products to carry out daily tasks, this knowledge article is especially useful. Explaining that changes to the main address book on the Exchange server may impact computers running the desktop version of Outlook, the article explains how to retrieve missing entries, eliminate non-existent entries that appear, or correct inaccurate entries. 

No. 3

How do I access Adobe Creative Cloud?

Did you know that the full suite of Adobe Creative Cloud products, including Acrobat Pro, Photoshop, InDesign, and others, is available at no cost to all Northeastern instructors, staff, and students? This article outlines the process for requesting an Adobe license, logging in to the cloud of apps, and verifying your Adobe account.

No. 4

How do I check my warranty status on a Dell laptop?

Many members of the Northeastern community use Dell laptops. This article explains several ways to locate a Dell laptop’s serial number or service tag and how to use this information to determine if the device is still under warranty. 

No. 5

How do I print to the PaperCut printers from a Mac?

A printing software used by Northeastern, Papercut enables faculty, staff, and students to send print jobs from a range of devices to PaperCut printers. This article outlines how to print using PaperCut, including the use of a Husky Card or via the university’s web-based print portal. A related article addresses the process for printing from a Windows computer.

A dynamic platform, Northeastern’s tech knowledge base is continuously evolving to ensure the university community has 24/7 access to clear, actionable answers to their technology questions.