Take a minute to browse the latest Tech Update with helpful tech-related news and information to kick off the spring term. In this edition, find information about exploring essential technology at Northeastern, personalizing your Canvas experience, keeping your data private, and more! 

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Connect to Tech Has the Tech Resources You Need 

The start of a new term is an ideal time to explore essential technology available at Northeastern. Connect to Tech is the go-to destination for tech information and resources that support collaboration and innovative work. 

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Canvas Resources for the New Term 

If you’re new to using Canvas, get started by reviewing How do I begin using Canvas as a student? Don’t forget to download the Canvas app so that you can submit assignments, participate in discussions, send messages, view grades, and access your course materials on your mobile device.

Personalize your Canvas Experience

Get ready for the new term by personalizing your Canvas experience with a custom dashboard, adding a profile picture and your pronouns, or setting your time zone. Make sure you’re always on time by syncing your Canvas calendar to Outlook.

Data Privacy Week: Protect Your Personal Information

Data Privacy Week is coming up! From Jan. 22-28, join the celebration by taking some time to think about how your information is protected online. Areas to consider include the information you provide during online transactions and the settings on the apps and devices you use every day. There are endless ways to take control of your data and keep yourself and the Northeastern community safe. 

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Teams Tip: Scheduling Chat Messages

Want to compose a chat message now, but send it later? Microsoft Teams has introduced a new functionality on its desktop client to do just that. When you’re ready to send your message, simply right-click the send button and input the desired date-time for distribution. 

Learn more in this knowledge base article or view an instructional video.

Top 5 Knowledge Base Articles for 2022

IT Services’ tech knowledge base helps faculty, staff, and students across Northeastern find answers to their university technology questions. The five most-visited knowledge base articles in 2022 reveal a bit about the university community’s ongoing tech needs. 

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Looking for More Tech Updates?

The Tech Talk community is available 24/7 through Communities at Northeastern. Find announcements, tips, and a place to engage with others about how technology impacts daily life at Northeastern.