Welcome to the April edition of Tech Update. This update recognizes National Student Employment Week, offers tips for spring cleaning your digital life, and invites you to an exciting 10-day digital sustainability challenge.    

IT support is available around the clock, every day, everywhere you are. Reach out to or visit ITS for all your technology questions and issues.  


Marcus P. Robinson 
Deputy CIO and Associate Vice President, Engagement and Experience

Take the 10-day Digital Sustainability Challenge 

The challenge launched on April 18, but you can join anytime! By participating in a 10-day digital sustainability challenge, you’ll take steps towards reducing your carbon footprint and promoting a more sustainable future. Daily challenges can be completed at your own pace and will help optimize digital devices, reduce paper waste, and protect personal information, all while promoting sustainable practices. Join this journey towards a more sustainable future. Look for challenge posts on Tech Talk and LinkedIn

Join the challenge

Recognizing ITS Student Employees for National Student Employment Week 

Within ITS, student employees perform invaluable services with great enthusiasm, dedication, and initiative throughout the community. As a part of National Student Employment Week celebrations that occurred last week from April 9-15, take a moment to learn more about student employees and their roles within the IT department.  

Customize the Student Hub

With the Student Hub—a dynamic, and personalized digital homebase across the global university system—comes great ways to find and access university services. One of the Hubs’ particularly useful features is the My Applications section of the landing pages, which provides quick and easy access to commonly used web applications. 

Learn about customizing My Applications on the Hub

Locating Printers and Printing with Purpose 

Looking for a campus printer across the global university? This article will help you quickly locate printers across campuses, whether in Boston, Oakland, Seattle, and more. Once you locate a printer, it’s important to be mindful of the environmental impact while using these resources.  

When you print, practice eco-friendly printing habits to reduce paper waste and carbon footprint. For instance, while Northeastern chooses recycled paper to reduce the amount of paper waste; whenever possible you can choose to print double-sided pages in black and white instead of color. Additionally, use digital documents and review them on-screen before printing to minimize errors and reduce the need for reprints. Let’s work together to reduce our carbon footprint and contribute to a more sustainable future. 

Microsoft Teams Tip: Schedule Recurring Meetings 

If you need to meet with the same person or group on a regular basis, why not try setting up a recurring Microsoft Teams meeting with them? When you create a new meeting, you can make it repeat every day, or week, or set your own custom recurrence. 

One useful thing to know about recurring meetings is that no matter how many times it takes place, it always uses the same meeting chat. That means you may always refer to previous notes and chat messages from previous occurrences of the meeting.

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