As you prepare to kick off summer, take a minute to browse the latest Tech Update with helpful tech-related news and information. In this edition, you’ll find information such as a more simplified single sign-on experience that’s coming over the next few months, as well as how Northeastern is celebrating Global Accessibility Awareness Day on May 18. 

As always, IT support is available around the clock, every day, everywhere you are. Reach out to or visit ITS for all your technology questions and issues. 

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Marcus P. Robinson
Deputy CIO and Associate Vice President, Engagement and Experience

Simplified Single Sign-On Coming Soon   

The way that you sign into Northeastern sites and services with university accounts is getting a new look later this year and will help reduce some of the biggest and most frustrating challenges around logging in. While these improvements will roll out throughout the rest of the year, expect to start seeing some of these changes—and realizing benefits such as fewer login prompts and less confusion—as soon as early summer. Visit the 1Login website to see what’s coming and why it’s important.   

Learn about the simpler login experience

Global Accessibility Awareness Day  

On Thursday, May 18, Northeastern will observe Global Accessibility Awareness Day to get everyone talking, thinking, and learning about digital access and inclusion. Did you know that globally more than one billion people have disabilities or impairments? Don’t miss the two opportunities to join in on the conversation on Thursday: 

  • GAAD Kickoff Presentation at 12 p.m. ET: Join Casey Hickey, Digital Accessibility Manager, and Anaya Jones, Accessibility & Online Learning Librarian. They’ll discuss accessibility at Northeastern University and share ways that you can participate and learn more. 
  • Accessibility and Disability Resource Panel at 3 p.m. ET: A panel of Northeastern University professionals will discuss resources, services, and educational opportunities related to accessibility and disability. 

Get the Most Out of the Employee Hub  

By now you’ve had a chance to visit and use the Employee Hub, which was announced earlier this spring. If you haven’t yet, you’re encouraged to do so by visiting One of the many helpful things you can do in the Employee Hub is to find and bookmark your most often used Northeastern services and create custom links on the Resources page. Customizing the Resources page gives you a one-stop landing page for all the online tools you use every day, from Northeastern and beyond. 

Customize the Resource page

Don’t Take the Bait: SMS Phishing Scams are on the Rise

Recently, there’s been an uptick in SMS text phishing scams, where fraudsters aim to deceive individuals into divulging sensitive information via text. Exercise caution when confronted with text messages that demand action, create a sense of urgency, lack personalization, contain errors, or request personal/financial details. Authentic organizations rarely ask for sensitive data via SMS texting. If something feels suspicious, independently verify information by contacting the organization directly through official channels. Then, use your mobile device’s path to block and report the message. By staying informed and employing these precautions, you can protect yourself from SMS text phishing scams and keep your personal information secure. 

Learn how to report a scam

Microsoft Teams Tip: Maximize Productivity with Commands  

Using frequent commands in Microsoft Teams can increase productivity and streamline communication and collaboration with students and colleagues alike. There are two different methods for incorporating frequent commands into a Teams workflow: using slash commands and customizing the toolbar. Slash commands allow you to perform common tasks quickly and easily by typing a command preceded by a forward slash, while customizing the toolbar allows you to access frequently used commands with just a click. By taking advantage of frequent commands in Teams, you’ll save time and work more efficiently. 

Learn how to use Commands in Microsoft Teams

Create Accessible Canvas Courses 

Creating accessible Canvas courses and learning experiences starts with taking small steps at setup that can have big impacts on learners. Learn about the integrated tools in Canvas that make creating accessible content easier. And take advantage of these training opportunities.  

Leverage LinkedIn Learning Content in Canvas 

Save time and keep learning all in one digital space by embedding LinkedIn Learning videos and courses into Canvas pages and assignments. The new LinkedIn Learning integration with Canvas allows you: 

  • Search, preview, and filter LinkedIn Learning content. 
  • Embed LinkedIn Learning videos or courses directly into Canvas pages. 
  • Create assignments to gain visibility into students who have completed course content. 

Seamlessly add LinkedIn Learning to Canvas courses

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