In September 2021, HelioCampus acquired AEFIS, the Programmatic Assessment platform that Northeastern University uses. This month, HelioCampus rebranded and changed the AEFIS name to HelioCampus Assessment.  

Along with the name change, the user interface has been updated. You’ll notice that the AEFIS name and logo at the top of the navigation panel have been replaced with the HelioCampus sunburst. 

Additionally, if you access HelioCampus directly through, you will notice that the main menu has been refreshed with a clean, modern look.

For technical questions about HelioCampus and Canvas, schedule an Academic Technologies HelioCampus Assessment and Canvas Consultation

If you have questions about programmatic assessment, and to learn more about your program’s timeline and plan for using HelioCampus, contact your program director/coordinator or the Associate Vice Provost of Institutional Assessment and Evaluation, Maureen O’Shea