Check out the last Tech Update before fall classes begin. Below, you can learn more about the new way to get Registrar support. You’ll also find other resources and free training available to students.

As always, IT support is available around the clock, every day, everywhere you are. Reach out to or visit ITS for all your technology questions and issues.


Marcus P. Robinson 
Deputy CIO and Associate Vice President, Engagement and Experience

Registrar offers swift support and self-service on new portal

Joining other university services on the Service at Northeastern platform, the Office of the Registrar has launched a self-service portal to help students get support quickly and efficiently.

On the new portal, request updates to names and other personal details, degree verifications, notarization, and other registrar-related transactions and support. Then, easily track the status of those submitted requests through the portal. Next up, in early September, the Registrar plans to launch a knowledge base of helpful articles addressing common requests on the portal.

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Now loading… pronouns in Teams

Referring to someone by their correct pronoun is a simple way to show respect for each other and to build an inclusive environment. The option to add pronouns to Northeastern profiles is coming this month and is a perfect way to make pronouns visible to the rest of the Northeastern community in Teams and Outlook. Once this feature is live, add or change your preferred pronouns in Microsoft 365 for others to see. It’s completely optional. You may also add pronouns to your email signature and Zoom profile.

Miro Foundations of Miro trainings available

Northeastern is partnering with Miro Academy for three training sessions on how to use Miro for interactive, engaging, and productive experiences. Each training session is hands-on and available both in person on the Boston campus or remote:

  • Getting Started with Miro: Tuesday, August 22 at 2 pm ET
  • Hosting a Successful Brainstorm in Miro: Wednesday, August 23 at 2 pm ET
  • Hybrid Meetings in Miro: Wednesday, August 30 at 11 am ET

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Resources for using Canvas as a teaching assistant

Are you a current or future teaching assistant? Check out all of the new resources just for you. Discover tips for communicating with instructors, new tools available within Canvas, engagement ideas for students, and more. Register and join the live virtual trainings in August and explore the self-paced Canvas course: Using Canvas as a Teaching Assistant.

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