A lot has changed since Bruce joined the Oakland Campus twenty-five years ago. Back then, it took almost a day to build up a single Mac computer from floppy disks. Learn about Bruce’s menagerie of pets and what he does to unplug outside of work. 

Bruce McCreary, Senior Director of ITS

What was your first role at the university? 

I worked as a consultant on the Oakland campus before I was hired as the Coordinator of Computing and Network services in 1999. 

What did you do before you joined the university?  

Prior to that, I was the Lead Network Technician for Oakland Micro Center in downtown Oakland. 

What was the project you worked on?  
I worked on a project focused on creating an imaging process to mass-install desktop computers. 

What was technology like back then?  
Back then, it took most of a day to build up a single Mac computer from floppy disks.  I would have three computers side by side swapping floppies all day long. The campus had a single print/file share Novell server, a single Mac desktop for email services, and a single Sun server for Banner.  That was the entire data center. 

What accomplishment or contribution in your current role at Northeastern are you most proud of?  
I am most proud of the efficient and quick transition of technology services from Mills College to Northeastern.  The process was accomplished over 6 months with many legal restrictions complicating the process.  We were fully operational and successful in the launch of the first Northeastern classes in Oakland for the Fall of 2022.    

What’s the best piece of career advice you’ve ever received?  
Time Management. Divide your time between all your needs and give the appropriate amount of attention to each task, but plan for some time on each. 
Do you have any pets?  
Yes, I have chickens, rabbits, snakes, lizards, fish, turtles, geckos, cats, and dogs–but my fur baby is my 2-year-old companion Clover– a rat terrier/border collie mix. 

What’s your preferred way to unplug?  
I love to spend time in the farmers markets across the San Francisco Bay Area, enjoy the parks and beaches, and work in my yard.  Of course, I can always just be with my dog and my family to be happy.