The vision of the Discovery Lab is to provoke thought and discussion by showcasing ideas and innovations here at NU.  Students, faculty and researchers can display work that compliments not only the learning experience but also the positive influence and effect the contribution or idea has locally and globally.

The Discovery Lab is located in 138A Snell Library. A flexible design gives students, faculty, colleagues and guest speakers the opportunity to present and display their work in many formats and configurations. Interdisciplinary programming is highly encouraged; co-sponsoring and collaborating with others departments or schools on theme-based exhibits may interest a broader audience and foster valuable relationships. Click to view an interactive image of the classroom.

This space is actively being used a classroom.  Non-traditional, active, collaborative classes have had much success in this space.

Description of the Discovery Space:

  • Room capacity 5 – 30
  • Two large whiteboards for active learning and collaboration
  • Counter space for demonstration and display
  • Wall space accommodating visual aids/art
  • Two flat screen digital displays with multiple inputs for live presentations or video loops with ability to display video, games, animation and images
  • Center café height table for presentations and display
  • Wall hanging display cables
  • 4 NUNET imaged PC stations with audio and video
  • 4 NUNET imaged Mac stations with audio and video

How to apply:

Schedule a consultation with ATS to understand the Discovery Lab technology, wall, counter and floor space.

Requests for the Discovery Lab should made using the NUSSO Reservation System ( Requests should be academic and related to teaching or learning activities at Northeastern. The intent or purpose of the presentation or exhibit should be explicitly stated, with the total number of scheduled attendees. It is recommended that students invite a faculty member to serve as an advisor on the exhibit.

All requests are reviewed and approved by Academic Technology Services. We will respond to all reservation requests within 48 hours. Please see the Discovery Lab Policy Page for more information.