How to Install SPSS onto Windows

Step 1: Log into myNortheastern and click on “Services & Links” at the top of the page. Search for and select “Software Downloads” under “Study and Course Resources.”

Step 2: Select the appropriate version of SPSS for Windows. Version number may vary from class to class.

Step 3: Read and accept the license agreement.

Step 4: Select the installer, and hit continue.

Step 5: Copy and paste the whole “Readme” for SPSS in a separate text file, such as Notepad or Notepad++. This file will contain your license number. Then hit download.

Step 6: Once the download has been completed, extract all of the files.

Step 7: Once the extraction has been completed, go to where you had extracted the files to. Then double click “Setup.exe,” which has been highlighted in the screenshot. It will ask you to authorize the installation. Click yes if you are an admin of the computer, or enter an admin user name and password.

Step 8: The installation will begin. Hit next to proceed.

Step 9: Select “Authorized user license (I purchased a single copy of the product.)”. Then hit Next.

Step 10: Accept the license agreement and hit next.

Step 11: Fill in the prompted information, where your User Name is your full name, and your Organization will be “Northeastern University”. Then hit next.

Step 12: Select your help language packs. English will be automatically installed, so it is optional to select. Hit Next once you are finished.

Step 13: If you will need a screen read for SPSS in order to use SPSS, select yes. Otherwise, select no. Then hit Next.

Step 14: Select “Yes” when prompted to install Python. Then hit Next.

Step 15: Select “I accept the terms in the license agreement” and then hit Next.

Step 16: Use the default location or select another location where you would like to install SPSS. Hit Next.

Step 17: Hit Install.

Step 18: Once it has completed its installation, a dialogue box should automatically appear asking for a license. If it does not, go to step 19. If it does, proceed to step 20.

Step 19: If the license activator does not start automatically, proceed to the folder where SPSS had installed. The screenshot shows the file path for the default installation location. Once you have gotten to the SPSS folder, double click “law.exe”. If it asks you to allow the program to make changes with your computer, click yes, or input an admin user name and password.

Step 20: Click “License my product now” and hit Next.

Step 21: Enter the license code when prompted. The license code is in the “Readme” you had copied and pasted from myNortheastern. Step 22 will show you where to find it.

Step 22: The license code is near the bottom of the “Readme”. The screenshot shows where it is, highlighted.

Step 23: Once you have successfully entered the license code and hit Next, a dialogue box should come up saying that the license has been successfully activated. Hit Next to proceed.

Step 24: Hit Finish in order to finish the activation.

Step 25: A new dialogue will pop up prompting you to restart the computer. In order to run SPSS, restart your computer.

Step 26: Once your computer has finished restarting, you can run SPSS. If you continue to have issues with SPSS, you can contact us at (617)373-7967, or come down to the basement of Speare Hall.

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