Business Unit: Information Technology Services

The magnitude and complexity of digital transformation requires more sophisticated and deliberate governance and change management structures to be successful both during the transformation and in the emerging post-project steady state. Northeastern is creating an institutional strategy, steering committee, and roadmap for Salesforce EDA, the university’s enterprise CRM system, which will lay the foundation for future work, projects, and enhancements. As a result of these project efforts, the university will have a more unified vision for its CRM and a framework for analysis and discussion so that the university can focus its resources on the projects with the greatest value to the institution and its customers.


Phase 1 – Salesforce Governance Playbooks

  • Delivery date – May 31, 2021 

Phase 2– Building CRM portfolio roadmap and Center of Excellence

  • Kick-off – January 2022
  • Delivery Date – May 6, 2022 

Status Update

Phase 2 work is closing out with vendor partner, Traction on Demand. Salesforce business cases have been reviewed and submitted for approval by the Salesforce Steering group. Business case scoring and change management processes have been presented and agreed upon for current and future projects. A renewed business case requesting funding for phase 3 of the project has been presented and submitted.