Business Unit: Information Technology Services

Decreasing the time to science for researchers and increasing productivity and individual mobility for all community members are essential to support the considerable growth in both the university’s research enterprise as well as the institution’s overall global footprint. This multiyear, multiphase project, in collaboration with Northeastern’s Facilities division, research enterprise, and other campus stakeholders, will address these imperatives by updating and improving the campus wired and wireless networks centered out of Northeastern’s Boston location. These updates will enable Northeastern to deliver more robust campus internet that is 10-times faster than the current infrastructure, enabling researchers and other members of the campus community to move data more efficiently and effectively.


Phase 1

  • Kick-off: September 2021
  • Completed: December 2023

Phase 2

  • Kick-off: August 2023
  • Target delivery date: June 2024

Phase 3

  • Kick-off: August 2024
  • Target delivery date: June 2025

Status Update  

Phase 1 included enhancements to five buildings on the Boston campus: West Village H, Snell Engineering, ISEC, Egan Research Center, and Dana. 

Phase 2 of this initiative is focused on a series of concurrent technology improvement efforts. One effort is focused on enhancing the capacity and coverage of the wireless network across 22 buildings in the Boston campus. Another effort is focused on re-architected the network topology via the addition of border routers. A separate activity is underway to introduce more comprehensive network service monitoring.

Phase 3 also will involve various concurrent communication infrastructure improvement efforts. This initiative will include network enhancements to several buildings on the Boston campus. Another sub-project will focus on enhancing the capacity and coverage of the wireless network in approximately 50% of the residence Halls.