Spread the Word on These Residence Hall Tech Updates: Eduroam and NURes-Device Self-Registration

Feb 6, 2019

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In recent months, Northeastern residence halls have received some tech updates! The first update is called “education roaming” or “eduroam.” Eduroam is a secure worldwide Wi-Fi service that enables you to use your educational institution’s credentials to obtain secure wireless internet connectivity at other participating institutions around the world. For students living in the residence halls, this means that any visitor enrolled at another eduroam participating academic institution no longer has to register for guest Wi-Fi accounts or re-register every 12 hours. Instead they’ll just have to use their home institution credentials to enjoy fast and secure internet access. In addition, guests can use the network for as long as they want as there is no time limit. Once the network is configured on their device, they’ll automatically connect to the eduroam network every time they visit Northeastern or even other eduroam participating institutions. This hassle-free internet access, which had been only available in academic and administrative buildings at Northeastern, is now also available in all of the residence halls on campus. Eduroam is also available at more than 12,000 locations worldwide, including more than 450 colleges, universities, and research facilities in the United States. Even faculty, staff, and alumni can enjoy the benefits of eduroam. ITS encourages the entire Northeastern community to configure eduroam on any of their devices that they’ll be using during visits to other campuses. Another example of a new service in the residence halls is the new-and-improved NURes-device registration system. While phones and laptops can connect to the NUwave wifi network, many devices cannot; Devices such as wireless game consoles, smart TVs, smart home devices, and desktop computers need to be connected to the NURes-device network instead. Formerly requiring an email to ResNet and a brief wait period before being able to connect to the NURes-device network, students living in the residence halls can now self-register devices using the new online registration form. In order to register a device the following information should be provided:
  • Your name
  • HuskyMail address
  • Building/Room/Phone #
  • Type of Device to Be Registered
  • Wireless MAC address of your device (usually found under network settings of the device)
This new system allows students in the residence halls to connect all their network compatible devices to the internet in an easy and efficient manner. Learn more about both of these exciting ResHall updates below.   Getting started with eduroam Instructions on joining the eduroam WiFi network are provided in the article below: Getting started guide.   Learn more about connecting to university networks How do I connect to the internet? Connect to Tech: Get Online NURes-device How Tos What devices are compatible with the Northeastern networks?

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