Protecting the Pack has become the mantra at Northeastern. From daily wellness checks, masking-up, and healthy distancing, the university community is doing its part.

One of the many side effects of the pandemic globally has been a surge in the number of scams and data breaches committed by cybercriminals. Every organization, including Northeastern, is a target. October happens to be National Cyber Security Awareness Month, and IT Services will be sharing reminders and tips for staying safe online.

Just as face masks, daily wellness checks, and regular testing help protect the health and wellness of all in the community, a few simple measures can make a world of difference in protecting online identities and information for everybody at Northeastern. Visit getsecure.northeastern.edu. for information about cybersecurity best practices and resources.

If you have a topic that you’d like to see covered in a future update, please send suggestions to its@northeastern.edu.


Marcus P. Robinson
Associate Vice President, Engagement and Experience

Tech Update: October 14, 2020

Adobe Creative Cloud for Students

The Adobe Creative Cloud suite is available to students online via Northeastern’s Windows Virtual Desktop. A license to the full suite, including more than 20 desktop and mobile app offerings for photography, design, video, web, UX, and more, is now also available to students by request.

Request a license for the suite through the Tech Service Catalog. Visit adobe.northeastern.edu for more information, including important details on how to log in using Northeastern Active Directory.

Adobe MAX Conference Available Online for Free

To go along with that shiny new Adobe CC license, students can also register for Adobe’s creativity conference, Adobe MAX. This global conference offers three days and over 350 sessions at no cost, October 20-22. Get inspiration and pick up new skills in design, video, illustration, 3D, digital business, and more.

New Phone or Number? Stay Protected with 2FA

DUO is the two-factor authentication service that helps Northeastern users protect their accounts and personal information against hackers. If it’s time to get a new mobile device, or change a number, remember to update Duo with the new information. Here’s how.

Official University Email Addresses

HuskyMail accounts retired in July, and @northeastern.edu is now the official email address for the entire Northeastern community. Some applications, including Canvas and Zoom, have already been updated to reflect the transition. The remaining applications will automatically transition from @husky.neu.edu to @northeastern.edu by the end of October. There’s nothing you need to do or change, but you may notice this update. In particular, notifications previously addressed to @husky.neu.edu may change to @northeastern.edu addresses.

The remaining Google services, such as Google Drive and Docs, will continue to use the @husky.neu.edu address. If using and collaborating in Google, please use your @husky.neu.edu address. Students also have access to the full Microsoft 365 suite, including Microsoft Teams and OneDrive, all of which you may also consider using to collaborate.

Update Zoom to Get the Most out of Class Meetings

Self-select breakout rooms and “spotlighting” certain people in a discussion are ways that instructors may enhance engagement in-class sessions on Zoom. Make sure to have the latest version of Zoom installed and log in to the Zoom desktop client prior to each Zoom session to fully participate in any class activities that instructors may have planned. Keeping the Zoom app up-to-date is also an excellent idea for the latest security fixes and functionality.

An Invitation to Visit Communities

Communities at Northeastern is the online destination to interact with one another and the university community anytime, from anywhere. Powered by Microsoft’s social platform, Yammer, Communities at Northeastern can be accessed through the Student Hub, communities.northeastern.edu, or the Yammer mobile app.

All students, faculty, and staff are members of Communities at Northeastern. Visit today to engage in conversations, discover and join communities, or create a new community.

Looking for More Tech Updates?

The Tech Talk community is available 24/7 through Communities at Northeastern. Find announcements, tips, and a place to engage with others about how technology impacts daily life at Northeastern.