A new mobile app now makes it even more convenient to complete daily wellness checks and other wellness-related activities that have become a routine part of learning and working across Northeastern’s global campuses.

Students, staff, and faculty can use the Now Mobile app, powered by ServiceNow, to submit the daily wellness check, a way to monitor for symptoms of COVID-19 and close contact with others who have COVID-19. It can also be used to access testing resources, complete required forms, and find other Wellness-related tools and links.

The mobile app will make it even easier to complete the daily wellness check and show the status screen at COVID-19 testing appointments, for example. After the initial download and setup, which just takes a few moments by logging in and verifying with Duo two-factor authentication, the wellness check is just two clicks away from the device’s home screen. The mobile app can also send daily reminders to complete the check.

How to Get the Now Mobile App

The Now Mobile app is available for free and is found in the Apple and Google Play app stores. To get the Now app, use the camera on your device to scan the QR code at the right, or download the app directly:

Open the app and click “Allow” to receive notifications pushed to the device, such as reminders to do the daily wellness check. On the welcome screen, enter “northeastern.service-now.com”, then click Save and log in with your myNortheastern username, password, and Duo confirmation.

Over time, additional Northeastern services and resources will be available in the mobile app so that the university community has access to key support anywhere and anytime.