Faculty and Staff Tech Update 4/6/21: Accessing Zoom recordings in Panopto and how to use Adobe Sign

Apr 6, 2021

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Colleagues, Welcome to the latest Tech Update. In this edition, you’ll find resources for signing staff performance evaluations, grading exams, and managing your video recordings. There’s also information on the Back to the Classroom workshops in Boston, a training opportunity recommended for any instructor who’s returning to the classroom to teach this summer or looking to become more familiar with classroom technology. Speaking of recommendations, the Now Mobile app that was announced last month is incredibly useful for COVID-19-related testing and wellness needs, regardless of which campus location you’re on. It’s available in the Apple and Google app stores today. As always, technology support is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week—all year round. Call 617.373.HELP [4357], email help@northeastern.edu, or visit services.northeastern.edu/tech/. Sincerely, – M Marcus P. Robinson, Associate Vice President, Engagement and Experience

Tech Update:  April 6, 2021


Classroom Bootcamps are Back

Register now for one of two comprehensive, in-person, Hybrid NUflex workshops being offered in collaboration with CATLR on April 28, 2021 to provide educators with the best possible resources for course design and teaching with NUflex technology for their summer 2021 courses. Designed similarly to the workshops that ran for the spring term, the Back to the Classroom Bootcamp is intended for instructors returning to the classroom in the summer, or any faculty member looking to advance their classroom technology skills or test a new teaching technique.

Learn more and register for Back to the Classroom Bootcamp >


Sign Here

When completing annual performance evaluations, or any document that requires signatures, best practice is to obtain secure, digital signatures through Adobe Sign. Adobe Sign is available to all Northeastern faculty and staff as part of their . Upload documents, sign electronically, and request signatures, all in the Adobe Creative Cloud portal.  

Set up e-signatures using Adobe Sign >


Zoom Tip: Access Recordings in Panopto

Are you already using Panopto to access your Zoom recordings? If not, note that recordings created with a Northeastern Zoom account are automatically backed up in Panopto, which is the best place to access and share recordings. If you are the meeting host, find them in your private Panopto folder. However, if you’ve never logged into Panopto, Northeastern’s supported lecture capture and cloud-based webcasting tool, email athelp@northeastern.edu to request access to recordings.

Review tips on accessing Zoom Cloud archived recordings >


And Speaking of Recordings…

The way that Microsoft Teams meetings are saved in the cloud has recently changed. Recordings were previously hosted in Microsoft Stream and shared in the meeting chat. Recordings are still posted in the meeting chat, but are hosted on OneDrive or SharePoint instead. For channel meetings, the recording will be stored in a Recordings folder in the Files tab for the channel. For non-channel meetings, the recording will be stored in the Recordings folder in the OneDrive directory of the person who started the recording.

Visit the Microsoft Teams meetings page to learn more about meeting recordings, live streams, and collaboration.


Faster Grading

Asking students to show their work on assignments and exams doesn’t have to add hours of grading anymore. Using rubric grading and artificial intelligence, Gradescope automates parts of the grading process and saves instructors, teaching assistants, and grading staff time. Learn more about this tool and how it can help meet your assessment needs in one of Gradescope’s weekly workshops.

Explore other tips for effective online exams that promote academic integrity >

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