Welcome to the latest edition of Tech Update. In the Update below, find helpful information about using Canvas tools to streamline annual exams, an exciting opportunity for faculty to join a tablet-focused pilot program, as well as how to get updates on IT Services.  

 As exams and the end of the year approaches, technology support is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Call 617.373.HELP [4357], email, or visit the Tech Service Portal at    



Marcus P. Robinson,
Associate Vice President, Engagement and Experience

Tech Update: December 7, 2021

Designing Exams for All Learners 

Although most students are attending class in person, instructors may have a few students who attend remotely during exam times. Canvas and integrated tools, such as Canvas Quizzes and Gradescope, can help instructors deliver exams to meet all teaching and learning needs. 

Learn more about exam tools in Canvas >  

Countdown to Workday 

Workday is launching as Northeastern’s Human Resources system of record on December 19. News about training and systems transitions will be coming your way from the Workday team, and from the university and local HR teams. Please be on the lookout for those communications. 

To find out more about Workday training and what the new system will mean for you, visit Northeastern’s Workday website. To get a quick preview of Workday and news of what’s in store this month, watch One Platform Together.

Making Canvas Courses Accessible to All

Equal access to learning at Northeastern doesn’t stop at an accessible campus; courses and course materials should be accessible too. Learn how to lower many barriers to learning through the on-demand training, Creating Accessible Courses in Canvas. Visit the ITS training site for information on this and other Canvas resources. 

Service, Application and System Health: Get the Status  

Wondering whether that technology issue you’re having is actively being fixed? Or when that scheduled network outage, or other university system downtime, will be over? Visit Northeastern’s IT Statuspage where you can find updates on frequently used university systems and sites. Statuspage reveals active IT issues and scheduled maintenances with details. There’s also a quick, color-coded glance of all systems status and a chronological list of past incidents and issues. Subscribe to have updates sent to you via email or text message. 

Upgrade from Office 2016 to Microsoft 365

If you’re running Office 2016, take a moment to upgrade to Microsoft 365. As of November 1, 2021, Microsoft ended support for Office 2016. This move means that Microsoft will no longer provide security updates to the software and users will no longer be able to connect to Office 365 services.  

Teaching with Tablets

Transforming Teaching with Tablets is returning for a second semester, Spring of 2022, after having 32 faculty successfully participate during its Fall 2021 launch. This pilot program introduces tablets for teaching by developing innovative methodologies and instructional pedagogies through the most current technologies for the classroom.  From the ability to write over PowerPoint slides or annotate Microsoft Whiteboards to collaborating directly with students or other staff, teaching is getting more interesting and more effective.  

Learn more about the tablet pilot program and apply by December 7  

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