Among the breadth of learning opportunities available to the Northeastern community, LinkedIn Learning remains a popular destination for faculty, staff, and students looking to learn a new skill or enhance existing skills—for free.

The online educational platform offers more than 5,000 courses and video tutorials on topics ranging from time management and information literacy to interaction design and Office 365 for Educators, all taught by professional subject matter experts.

“LinkedIn Learning is a top-notch resource that Northeastern has provided to students, faculty, and staff since 2019,” said Ryan Bender, IT Services’ director of digital university solutions. “It is a reputable place to learn a new skill or extend learning beyond the classroom.”

Although they represent but a single aspect of the university’s authentic dedication to continuous learning and advancement, the five most-popular courses in 2022 point to the collaborative nature and commitment to excellence shared by Northeastern faculty, staff, and students.

No. 1

Project Management Foundations 

There’s little doubt that project management skills are essential at a world-class research university that has problems to solve and opportunities to pursue. This course explains the fundamentals of project management: from establishing project goals and objectives and building a project plan to managing resources and work, meeting deadlines, and closing the project.

No. 2

Excel Essential Training (Microsoft 365) 

“Being efficient at Excel is considered one of the most incredibly beneficial and indispensable skills that you can offer your team,” says instructor Dennis Taylor in the course’s introduction. By all measures, the Northeastern community agrees.

No. 3

SQL Essential Training

Knowing how to code and manage relational databases and database-driven applications is a valuable skill for a career in technology. This course provides the basic knowledge needed to use SQL—the most common language for database wrangling—in any database environment.

No. 4

Introduction to Discovery

Created by Research Computing at Northeastern, this custom training presents an overview of Discovery, the university’s high-performance computing cluster, including steps for securing an account and logging on to the cluster, understanding the different storage options, submitting both interactive and batch jobs, and accessing the software available on the cluster.

No. 5

Tableau Essential Training

Widely considered indispensable for data science work, Tableau is a powerful, versatile data analytics and visualization tool for sorting, comparing, and analyzing data from multiple sources. This course covers how to analyze and display data to facilitate data-driven decisions.

Northeastern employees are provided quick access to LinkedIn Learning courses via the Employee Hub‘s My Learning section, which features a selection of popular courses across Northeastern, as well as those courses that an employee has engaged with previously. For more information, review What is My Learning? in the tech knowledge base. 

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