Microsoft Teams is the primary, unified platform for online interaction and collaboration at Northeastern, a digital-first global university with a robust remote workforce, expansive footprint, and world-class faculty deploying all manner of instructional technology to enrich learning. 

A unique and useful Teams feature—especially for those who are uneasy about speaking or presenting on the platform—is Speaker Coach. 

Once initiated, the tool provides private, personalized insight into how you’re speaking during your meeting or presentation. These live insights are seen only by you and aren’t saved in recorded meeting transcripts.  

Afterwards, a summary is delivered to you and includes such details as your total speaking time, your use of repetitive language, and other feedback designed to guide your efforts to improve. These summaries can only be accessed by you, not your IT administrator, your manager, or even Microsoft.  

screenshot of summary delivered by Microsoft Teams' Speaker Coach

While Speaker Coach isn’t currently supported in channel meetings or meetings started from the “Meet now” option, the feature is perfectly suitable for other meetings and, for instance, PowerPoint Live presentations. 

Learn more from Microsoft about using Speaker Coach in a Teams meeting.