Northeastern University account holders are required to enroll in and use Duo 2FA (two-factor authentication). By using Duo 2FA, you’re taking an important step toward protecting your online identity and personal information, as well as Northeastern University’s research, intellectual property, and institutional data. Since its implementation, Duo has helped to significantly reduce the number of compromised accounts as well as the potential damage that malicious actors are able to do, particularly through phishing emails. 

Download the App 

Staying secure has never been easier. Just download the Duo Mobile app on your iOS or Android device to manage login requests. Revisit Northeastern’s Duo Device Management Portal at any time to manage your devices and settings. 

Two Easy Ways to Approve Requests 

Once you’ve downloaded the application on your device, there are two ways to quickly approve login requests. 

  • Duo PushSelect Send Me a Push on the Duo verification screen in your web browser. Then, the Duo app on your device will indicate a pending verification request. Confirm the request by tapping the Approve button in the Duo Mobile app on your device. 
  • Passcode: Open the Duo app on your device and expand the Northeastern University entry to receive a six-digit passcode. On the Duo verification screen in your web browser, select Enter a Passcode, type the six-digit code into the Passcode field, and click Log In.  

To adjust your Duo account settings and approved devices, visit the Duo Device Management Portal, 

Understanding 2FA 

2FA is a form of security that protects an account with two layers of authentication. The first layer is a PIN number or password, while the second factor is something that you physically have, such as a device. For example, a bank account uses 2FA for security by requiring both a PIN and a debit card. The university’s 2FA provider is a company named Duo Security (Duo for short). 

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