There is a lot going on in the hustle and bustle at the start of the new school year. Emails about classes, resources, events, services, and many other important topics are being distributed across the university. Most of these emails are legitimate, but sometimes a message you get from an address may come from a bad actor (and not the account owner!) who is exploiting a compromised account.

Here are some examples of recent phishing scams that have been circulating:

  1. A fraudulent job ad that is seeking personal information.
  1. A fake memo with little information or context that wants you to click a malicious link.
  1. A suspicious message that creates a sense of urgency to pressure the reader into clicking the malicious link.

There are two ways to submit a suspicious email for investigation: report it as phishing from within Outlook or forward the suspected message to You may also contact the IT Service Desk, available 24/7, if you suspect a security incident.

The old saying goes: “If you see something, say something.” Don’t ever hesitate to reach out to official Northeastern channels if the question of security arises.

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