Celebrated on January 28 each year, Data Privacy Day aims to raise awareness of data privacy and data protection best practices. As a global university, Northeastern is actively engaged in promoting safe and secure practices across the community.  

Whether it’s ensuring information is securely stored and transmitted or updating your own personal privacy practices, Data Privacy Day is a great opportunity for you to promote privacy and data protection best practices. Here are a few actions you can take in observance of Data Privacy Day: 

  • Manage and update your privacy settings in web services and applications. New features and options are introduced every day. Taking the time to revisit these settings can help control your own personal information and security. 
  • Learn the red flags of phishing emails and scams at work or in your personal life. Identifying red flags early can help keep your own information and the information you have stewardship over secure. 
  • Update your devices and applications. Failure to update can lead to security issues and put your personal information in danger. 

Thank you for everything you do to help keep the university community safe and secure!