IT Services published the greatest number of blogs in 2023 than any year before! The latest news section  of is a place to share and discuss news or updates about technology services to advance learning, teaching, work, and research across Northeastern. Take a moment to review the top-viewed blog articles to see what community members are talking about.  

1. Simplifying single sign-on through 1Login 

Earlier this year, you may have noticed a new look for Duo two-factor authentication (2FA), with a redesigned authentication called the Duo Universal Prompt. All faculty, staff, and students now have the new, more streamlined login experience for apps and services across Northeastern. The new login experience improves overall security for your accounts and reduces the number of times you must verify logins with 2FA.   

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2. Be aware of phishing scams 

Have you received any random emails asking for your bank details, login information, or even a strange message from an apparent member of Northeastern University staff? These are phishing emails, and they are one of the biggest problems the university faces. It’s important to stay vigilant and learn the red flags to look out for. If you suspect that you’ve received a phishing email forward it to or check out the Phish Bowl to see if the message has already been identified as a scam. 

Learn how to identify phishing scams

3. New Adobe tools and services 

Take the newest Adobe features, available through your Northeastern Creative Cloud account, with you into the new year. The university has upgraded to the Pro Edition, granting access to unlimited stock downloads and updates to your favorite Adobe tools and services like the AI-based image generator. Don’t forget to request a student Creative Cloud License in the Tech Service Portal, if you haven’t already, to reap all the benefits.  

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4. MS Teams Tip: PowerPoint Live for Presenting 

Have you ever struggled to give a presentation via Microsoft Teams? Going back and forth between presentation mode to meeting tools can get tiring. Luckily, PowerPoint Live, a new feature integrated into Teams, can make the process a lot smoother. With PowerPoint Live, you can share your presentation with participants in the meeting while also viewing your notes, meeting tools, and even have access to a highlighter tool and digital pointer. Head into the next semester with confidence by using PowerPoint Live.  

Learn how to use PowerPoint Live in your next Teams meeting > 

5. Upgrade to new Microsoft Teams 

Collaboration is faster, simpler, and more flexible with the new and enhanced Microsoft Teams. Enjoy better processing, easier navigation, a streamlined interface, full feature parity, and more. Stay tuned for more information on how this update will benefit your day-to-day work and communications.  

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